Everyone Can Work

A Handbook for Employment Resources

Self Employment & Small Business

Entrepreneurship is an exciting opportunity for people with disabilities to realize their full potential while becoming financially self-supporting. Some of the benefits of self-employment or small business ownership include working at home, controlling your work schedule and the independence that comes from making your own decisions.

For individuals with disabilities, self-employment often means that work can take place in a disability- friendly environment and with flexible hours. However, starting a business is not for everyone. It requires a significant commitment of time, energy and resources. In addition, the individual must have some marketable skills or a product or service with a demonstrated market demand.

Any person pursuing business ownership must be prepared to make personal sacrifices and must be willing to learn the "how to's" of starting and successfully managing a business enterprise. To learn more about what starting a business entails, check out the resources in the following pages.

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