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Disability Resource Library December Newsletter

Many children with special health care needs have nutrition challenges due to factors such as limited mobility, feeding problems and altered metabolisms. These factors can affect weight, growth and nutrient needs. Ensuring that these children receive adequate nutrition and eat well-balanced and nutritious foods takes a collaborative effort between parents, nutritionists, doctors, and child care providers. This month we highlight some of the nutrition resources available in our Disability Resource Library.

Nutrition at home; for parents and family members

DVD Childhood Nutrition: Preventing Obesity Vol.1 Feeding Your Baby by
InJoy Health Education (23 minutes run time)

Childhood Nutrition

This program gives parents and caregivers the tools they need to make the best nutritional choices for children starting at birth. Volume 1: Feeding Your Baby includes topics such as: Breastmilk and Formula, Starting Solids, Baby Food Basics and Self Feeding. Learning how to read nutrition fact food labels, and the latest American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines on food choking prevention. Our library also has Volume 2:Young Children Eating Right.

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