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January 2023 - Caregivers

a photo of deployed emergency  air flow masks on an airplane

If the aircraft cabin loses pressure, oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling above. You should place your mask on yourself first or else you are likely to pass out from lack of oxygen before you can help those that are relying on you. A caregiver’s oxygen is their energy, time and resources, and if neglected, one may not have the reserves to best care for those that need them the most. Opportunities for self-care for parents and caregivers of children with complex medical needs and disabilities come few and far between. When a child’s well being or life relies on the attentiveness of their caregiver, babysitter options become bleak or nonexistent. This type of lifestyle can put the caregiver at risk for health concerns of their own, stressed family dynamics and relationships, isolation, premature aging and other consequences of caregiver fatigue.

January 2023 - Caregivers

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