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This site enables people with disabilities to enhance their professional lives by providing a system for finding employment. For more information, visit for People with Disabilities

Resources for people with disabilities include disability insurance, workers compensation and career and employment information. For more information, visit

America's Career InfoNet

InfoNet provides links to occupational requirements and trends, labor market conditions, employer contacts nationwide and a career resource library. For more information, visit

America's Job Bank

The Job Bank offers job seekers a place to post a resume or search for job openings and a place for employers to post job listings. For more information, visit provides digital books, including the Employment and Career Development Collection from Lighthouse International to United States citizens who have visual or other print disabilities that prevent reading standard print. The site offers individual and school subscriptions. For more information, visit

Career Opportunities for Students with Disabilities (COSD)

COSD focuses on employing college graduates with disabilities through a consortium of universities, employers and federal government agencies. For more information, visit

Career, technical and vocational education

This web site provides links to general information about vocational education, career and technical education and workforce preparation. For more information, visit

Career Voyages

This web site provides links for students, parents, career changers and career advisors to explore career options. For more information, visit

Disability and the workplace

This web site includes links to information on workplace issues such as the Americans with Disabilities Act, disability listservs, job hunting, law and legislation, organizations and statistics. For more information, visit

This web site offers a comprehensive online resource designed to provide people with disabilities with quick and easy access to the information they need. With just a few clicks, the site provides access to disability-related information and programs available across the government on numerous subjects, including employment. For more information, visit and click on employment.

Disability statistics

This web site provides demographic and employment statistics on people with disabilities in the United States and links to international sources for this information in foreign countries. For more information, visit

Diversity World Disability Network Newsletter (D-NET)

D-NET features resources and articles that promote employment for individuals with disabilities. Sign up for the newsletter at

The Employer Assistance & Recruiting Network (EARN)

EARN is a free service that connects employers looking for quality employees with skilled job candidates. Visit EARN's Job Source to find job openings based on your location and desired occupation. More tips and tools for job seekers are also available through EARN's Web site. For more information, visit

eSight Careers Network

This web site provides information on disability employment issues and lists job postings. For more information, visit

Family Village: Employment Resources for People with Disabilities

Family Village provides links to employment-related organizations and publications. For more information, visit

Family Village: Transition and the Internet

This Family Village web page includes links to general transition information, career-interest inventories, health and legal information and support for youth and young adults. For more information, visit

Federal Employment for People with Disabilities

This web site contains information for potential applicants on how to get a federal job, how positions are filled, how reasonable accommodations are made and includes resources that can help you with a wide range of issues that pertain to the Federal employment of adults with disabilities. For more information, visit

Healthy and Ready to Work

This network of advanced home employment has a home employment database. For more information, visit


This web site provides a free service for people with disabilities to search for jobs online and to post resumes for companies to browse. For more information, visit

National Telecommuting Institute (NTI)

NTI is an educational/job-matching organization that provides telework jobs for Americans with disabilities. NTI brings together employers who have agreed to "go virtual" and vocational rehabilitation agencies to enable individuals with disabilities to work on-line.

NTI prepares qualified individuals with disabilities primarily for work as customer service representatives, but also as technical support agents and medical transcriptionists. For more information, visit

PACER Center: Employment Strategies for Youth and Young Adults with Disabilities

PACER offers links to topics such as preparing for employment, vocational rehabilitation and other publications. For more information, visit


This site offers resume posting, job posting and resume searching free of charge to individuals and corporations. For more information, visit Jobs, Education and Volunteerism

The Jobs, Education and Volunteerism section of has information on education and training, finding a job, government jobs, public service and volunteer opportunities and workplace issues.

  • Education and Training
    Education and training resources on the web site include information on primary, secondary and higher education; adult, vocational and special education; financial aid; and job training and literacy resources. For more information about education and training, visit

  • Finding a Job
    This part of the site has several resources to help you find a job including choosing a career, building a resume, applying for jobs and becoming self-employed. This site also has links to federal, state, local, military and volunteer opportunities available from the U.S. Government. For more information about finding a job, visit

  • Public Service and Volunteer Resources
    Public service and volunteer resources are available on the web site. The site allows you to learn more about government and public service; donate goods and money; and give blood or volunteer your time. For more information about public service and volunteer resources, visit

  • Workplace Issues
    The workplace issue section of provides resources including laws, regulations and information related to employment. Some topics addressed include family and medical leave, labor relations, the minimum wage, workers' compensation and workplace safety. For more information about workplace issues, visit

The official site for current federal jobs, USAJOBS is provided at no cost and offers information on thousands of U.S. Government job opportunities worldwide. Users can post resumes or search for federal jobs. To find a job, visit

US Business Leadership Network (USBLN)

The USBLN supports the development and expansion of Business Leadership Networks across the country to promote best practices in hiring, retaining and marketing to people with disabilities. For more information, visit

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