Universal Design Today Conference

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Join Us in Charleston, WV, as we welcome hundreds of the nation’s most dynamic designers and users of places, spaces, and things. For a week in May 2017, the local community will transform into a design laboratory, in which intense focus will be on the economic and social benefits of design that supports the potential, productivity, and needs of every 21st century resident, family, customer, student, client, or citizen.

For more information, contact
PATHS: info@pathswv.com
Brittany: bvaldez1@hsc.wvu.edu
Call: 800-841-8436
CreateWV: info@createwv.org
Sarah: sarah@createwv.org
Call: 619-865-5132
RL MACE UDI: udtoday@udinstitute.org