Feeding and Swallowing Clinic

Chopped Solid Diet

The chopped solid diet is made up of regular table foods that are chopped into small, bite-size pieces. This diet decreases the amount of chewing that a person must do while eating; it also allows him or her to have better control over foods in the mouth. A chopped solid diet is often recommended for individuals who have trouble chewing and/or swallowing whole foods.

The easiest way to prepare foods for the chopped solid diet is to cut or chop table foods with a knife or fork. It is not necessary to use a blender, food processor, or baby food grinder. Some foods that may be acceptable for the diet include: chopped meats and casseroles, cooked vegetables and fruits (chopped), grilled cheese (chopped), and finely chopped salad. Although many foods can be modified to the appropriate texture using a knife or fork, crisp or crunchy foods should not be eaten even if they are chopped. For example, bacon, pretzels, and hard cookies are not acceptable foods for the chopped solid diet.

A person who is following the chopped solid diet should be encouraged to eat a wide variety of foods from all of the food groups. His or her food preferences should be incorporated into daily meals. However, it is important to consult with the person's doctor or dietitian to find out exactly what foods are safe for the person to eat. With the help of these professionals, a person on the chopped solid diet will be able to eat safely and meet his or her nutritional needs.